L’Académie Fleur de Lys

Why learn French?

There are many reasons to learn the French language!  Believe it or not, Southwest Florida is quite an international community.  Not only do people relocate to our area from other countries, they also live here seasonally, play, and do business!   Do you or your child already speak English and Spanish? English and Creole? English and German? English and another language?  Learning French provides speakers of other languages the ability to become trilingual, increasing quality of life and career potential.

Southwest Florida is also home to a French-speaking community of people from Québec, France, Haiti, and other countries.  Children relocating to the U.S. with their parents now have the opportunity to maintain and improve their first language French skills through literacy support for native speakers.


After English and German, French is the third most used language on the Internet, ahead of Spanish.

French & English are the only languages taught in every country in the world.

More than 200 million people speak French on five (5) continents.

French is an official language of 41 countries and territories.

French is spoken in 10 more countries as an unofficial language.

French is spoken in the states of Louisiana and Maine and is widely spoken throughout New England

French is an official language of: United Nations, European Union, Unesco, NATO, International Olympic Committee, International Red Cross and International Court of Justice

Interesting reasons to learn another language and how you & your family can benefit from learning French:

Learning a new language, like French, develops connections within the brain, improving your critical and creative thinking skills.

Bilinguals score higher than monolinguals on standardized tests like the SAT & ACT.

People who speak more than one language recover more quickly from brain injury

Learning French will improve your vocabulary and grammar in your first language.

Learning French will allow you not only to function but to compete effectively in the global economy of today & the future.

Speaking French will increase your job opportunities and salary potential.

Studying French increases your appreciation  of other people and their cultures.

Proficiency in French will significantly improve chances of being accepted to a university and to graduate school.

Using French enhances travel abroad to Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and other areas of the world.

French is the language of culture, opening the door to art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, and cinema.

French is the language of many great literary masterpieces.

French  opens up an entire world of sporting events to enthusiasts.


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