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Fleur de Lys Language Academy offers Numerous French Language Programs via Distance Learning

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Do you need to learn French, or improve your French language skills?

Fleur de Lys Language Academy makes use of modern technology to offer innovative distance learning programming.  Based upon your personal needs, a program curriculum is tailored and designed specifically for you.

All of our French distance learning programs take place face-to-face,  in real-time, via online video conferencing at days and times which fit into your schedule – wherever you are located.  Programs are available to learners of all ages and best of all, it is affordable.

French Language Programs

  • Tutoring – for students already enrolled in French language instruction and need a little extra help.
  • French for the Traveler – teaches the basics for communication during a trip to a francophone country
  • Business French – focuses on written and spoken language specific to the industry in which a learner conducts business
  • Conversational French – focuses on speaking skills to get learners communicating right away
  • Academic French – focuses on academic language for those who wish to study in a francophone county, write, or publish in French
  • Understanding French Dialects – focuses on language specific to certain dialects of French
  • French for Reading and Research – for those who need to be able to read and conduct research in French
  • French Grammar, Reading, and Writing for the Native or Semi-Native Speaker – for those who rarely write and read French, but speak it well.
  • Accent Coaching – Do you speak French, but need a better accent? Are you an actor or singer in need of accent coaching?  This program focuses on the mechanics of speech in order to help improve your French pronunciation and accent.
  • Corporate Training – targeted programming to meet specific business goals.

For more information about these Fleur de Lys French Language Academy programs, contact Nicole Flesvig Bruland at FleurdeLysAcademy@gmail.com


Fleur de Lys Launches Enrichment Programs for Kids!

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Global Kids Learning Adventures, part of Fleur de Lys Academy, is launching summer programs for kids beginning in June 2013.  Programs focus on world exploration, language, and culture incorporating history, art, geography, movement, sports, mathematics, and more.  To learn more, visit http://globalkidslearningadventures.com/.

Fleur de Lys Founder profiled on OnlineDegrees.Org

In Fleur de Lys Academy News on March 7, 2013 at 10:16 am

The founder of Fleur de Lys Academy, Nicole Flesvig Bruland, was recently interviewed on the benefits of studying linguistics for an online education site.  Read the interview here.

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